Today was the first day that I stood up for myself. 

What Do I mean by that?

It is hard for me to be assertive.At any cost I avoid assertiveness. For me this is not an easy concept to grasp. Especially when it comes to people, relationships ,family that I am strongly emotionally connected with. Why do I do this?why do I avoid at all cost? It is easy  to do. We as humans and in my human experience, I find it easier stick with what I know. Is it really easier? No, Long term effects; low self-esteem, no recognition or respect from others, anger outburst, the little things you enjoy decrease. Feel free to add:

DBT: interpersonal relationships is something I definitely need to focus on. I also need to focus on communication with others. Detaching from emotion and think with a rational mind. I’m interested in learning all possible avenue if anyone would like to share, I would highly appreciate…


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